Na těchto stránkách najdete pracovní listy a studijní materiály ke stažení a vytisknutí do hodin.
1. My Family
How would you describe your family/ parents? – Appearance, personal qualities, hobbies.
Have you got any brothers or sisters? What can you tell us about them? How well do you get along/ get on with your family? How do you help your parents /younger brother/sister? Or, how do your elder brothers/sisters help you? Do you share the household chores? What do you understand by the words “generation gap”? What personal qualities do you appreciate about your parents / the way your brought you up / sisters / brothers?

2. My friend
How many friends do you have? Are they mainly in your school or in your neighbourhood, if not, where do they live? Describe your best friend – appearance, character, hobbies. How long have you known him/her? Where did you meet? (Where do you usually meet new people?) What do you have in common? What are your friend’s plans for the future? Do you have a penfriend?
What should your friend be like? What are the qualities of a good friend? What (3) personal qualities do you appreciate most in others/ in your best friend? Why is friendship important to you? Are friends more important to you than your family? Why? What should your ideal partner be like? Tell us about the most interesting person you have ever met.

3. My daily programme
Describe your typical weekday from morning to evening. How much time do you spend travelling to and from school, in studying and on your hobbies? What household chores do you do? What is the best part of your day /week /month/ year)? What would you consider an ideal day? What do you usually do on Friday evenings? What do you usually do at weekends (do you relax at home or do you go to parties, discos etc.?) What did you do last weekend?

4. My leisure time activities, my hobbies
What kind of free-time activities do you like? Do you like outdoor or indoor activities? What sort of social games or team sports do you like to play? What are your hobbies? Describe your main hobby. Do you need some special equipment? How much time do you spend on it? Have your hobbies changed over the years? How are your hobbies beneficial to you ?
What kind of music do you like to listen to most often and why? Has your musical taste changed in the last few years? Do you play a musical instrument?

5. Sports and games
What types of sports do you know? Which of them do you like to do/ to watch? Do you do/play any sports? Are you good at sports? What sports do you like/hate to play/do and why? Which do you prefer individual sports or team sports? What are the most popular sports in your country, in the UK, in the USA? Have you ever been to watch a professional sporting event? What was it like? Who is your favourite sportsman/sportswoman? Why?
What is the most dangerous /expensive sport? What new sport would you like to try?
What do you think is necessary for a person to become successful at a particular sport (the right equipment, lots of practice, the knowledge of rules, talent, a good trainer)
What are some of the benefits of sports? What do you do to keep fit? Do you like physical training at school? Why/ Why not? Have you ever

Sightseeing, my town; the town where I study; my region.
MY REGION: What is your region famous for? What are the traditions of your region? Are there any things you would like to change? How can you spend your free time in your region in different seasons of the year?

MY TOWN: Where do you live? (location, some facts from history; entertainment, sports, cultural events, schools, interesting sights or monuments, summer and winter activities, transportation, accommodation facilities, industry, people; name some local specialities.
What do you like/do not like in your town/village? Would you like to live there forever?
Tell us where to go and what to see in your town.

THE TOWN WHERE I STUDY: Where do you study? How far is it from your town/village? Would you like to live there? What do you like/do not like in the town?

Life in a town and in the country
Where do you live? Do you prefer to live in a town on in the country? Compare the life in a town and in the country. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a town/ in the country (public transport, shopping facilities, cultural life and entertainment, sport facilities, environment, people, job opportunities). What opportunities for children are there in a town and in the country? Why do people have cottages? Do you prefer living in a flat or in a house?

Cultural life and entertainment
What is your favourite way of entertainment? Do you like going to the cinema or do you prefer watching films on TV? What is the role of TV in your life? What types of movies do you like and who are your favourite actors? How often do you go to the cinema or the theatre? What are your favourite TV or radio programmes (reality shows, documentaries, etc.)? Have you recently seen a film that has impressed you very much?
Can you recommend to us a theatre performance or an exhibition?
What kind of music do you like? Who is your favourite band, singer, composer or musician? Do you play a musical instrument? Have you visited a concert of your favourite band? Did you like it, why?
Have you read any interesting book later? Do you prefer buying books to borrowing books from friends or from libraries? What are your favourite genres, topics, writers? How often do you read? What is the role of reading in learning languages?

TV programmes:

9. Shopping, my favourite fashion style
Do you like shopping? Where do you go when you do the shopping for the weekend (name the types of shops and what do you buy there)? Which do you prefer, small shops or supermarkets and department stores? What are the pros and cons of shopping in supermarkets? Where do you buy your clothes? Do you have a favourite shop or a label / brand? Can you name some world's famous department stores or favourite shopping centres in your country? Have you ever bought something online and had a problem? What was it? Have you ever made a complaint?
What is your fashion style? What influences your choice of clothes (friends, price, fashion magazines, pop stars, comfort, and practicality)? What do you wear in various seasons and on various occasions?
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